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800~1100nm SLED Light Source

Name: 800~1100nm SLED Light Source
Class: SLED Light Source
Type: SLED Broadband Light Source

800~1100nm SLED Ultra-broadband Light Source
Superluminescent Light Emitting Diodes (SLED) Broadband Light Sources rely on the high accuracy automatic power control (APC) and the automatic temperature control (ATC) techniques,with high stability and reliability.800~1100nm SLED Ultra-broadband Light Source is designed with -30dBm/nm,-25dBm/nm power spectral density available to meet your specific use.SLED broadband light sources can be sorted by working wavelength,saying 650nm SLED,750nm SLED,850nm SLED,980nm SLED,1310nm SLED, 1480nm SLED,1550nm SLED,1620nm SLED,1650nm SLED,800~1100nm,1250~1650nm,1250~1700nm,1220~1700nm etc.
  • Features of SLED Light Source:
  • Selected wavelength
  • Broadband light source
  • High spectral stability
  • High reliability
  • Applications of SLED Light Source:
  • Optical fiber sensing
  • Optical fiber passive component spectrum testing
  • Optical fiber grating, filter testing
  • Optical fiber measurement equipments

  • Specifications of SLED Light Source:
    Parameters 800~1100nm SLED Light Source
    Radiation source SLED
    Central wavelength (nm) 800~1100, 800~1120, etc
    -3dB spectrum width (nm) ≥300
    Output power (mW) ≥ 10
    Power Spectral Density (dBm/nm) Normally ≥-30 (max to -25)
    Ripple (dB) ≤0.2
    Output power short-term stability (dB) 1 ≤±0.02dB/15 min
    Output power long-term stability (dB) 2 ≤±0.04dB/8 hour
    Operating mode CW
    Fiber pigtail Single mode HI 1060 Fiber
    Output connector FC/PC, FC/UPC or FC/APC, etc
    Operating temperature () 0 ~ 40
    Storage temperature () -20 ~ 70
    Power supply AC 110/220V±10%, 50Hz, 20W
    Dimensions (L×W×H, mm) 322×220×88(Desk-top)

    Remark: Stability is tested at room temperature 25±2℃ after pre-heating 30 minutes.
                 1. Test condition: fixed temperature, CW.
                 2. Test condition: temperature variation ±2℃, CW.

    Ordering Information of SLED Light Source:
    OS-SLED Type Display Power Adjustable Operating Wavelength Fiber Type  Power Spectral Density Connector
    0=Without 1=800-1100nm

    S=SM Fiber 30= -30(dBm/nm)
    25= -25(dBm/nm)
    FC/UPC     FC/APC

    800~1100nm,1250~1650nm,1250~1700nm,1220~1700nm SLED Ultra-broadband Light Source
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