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1X2 Magneto-Optical Switch Dual stage

Name: 1X2 Magneto-Optical Switch Dual stage
Class: Magneto-Optics Switch
Type: Magneto-Optical Switch

1X2 Magneto-Optical Switch(Dual stage,Single mode )
1X2 Magneto-Optical Switch Dual stage features fast response and ultra-high reliability.These Fiber Optic switches are designed to meet the most demanding optical switching applications. 1X2 Magneto-Optical Switch(Single mode 1550nm) is is applicable for optical fiber communication networks and measurement instruments.
  • Features of Magneto-Optical Switch:
  • Ultra fast switching speed
  • 1X2 or 2X1,Better durability
  • High Stability,High Reliability
  • Low insertion loss,Low voltage drive
  • Dual mode,Fail-safe latching
  • Applications of Magneto-Optical Switch:
  • Optical channel blocking
  • Optical network protection/restoration
  • Network Security and Monitoring
  • Configurable Add/Drop
  • Fiber-optics sensing system

  • Specifications of Magneto-Optical Switch:
    Parameters Unit ANFIBER-MOS-1×2 or 2X1(Dual stage)
    Wavelength Range nm 1520~1580
    Test Wavelength nm 1550
    Insertion Loss 1, 2 dB 1.0
    Return Loss dB ≥50
    Crosstalk dB ≥40
    PDL dB ≤0.2
    Repeatability dB ≤±0.01
    Operating  Voltage V 5.0
    Durability Cycles ≥30 Bllions
    Switch Time μs ≤100
    Switching Type n/a Latching
    Optical Power mW ≤500
    Operating Temperature -5~+70
    Storage Temperature -40~+85
    Relative Humidity % 5 ~ 95
    Fiber Type   G657A1
    Dimension mm (L )29x(W)7.3x(H)6
    Note:   Within operating temperature and SOP.
                 2  Excluding connectors.

    Ordering Information of Magneto-Optical Switch:
    A B C D E F G
    Type Wavelength Operating Voltage Fiber type Fiber diameter Fiber Length Connector
    1X2U/II: Unidirectional
    2X1U/II: Unidirectional
    15: 1550nm
    X: Others
    2.5: 2.5V 9: SM 9/125
    X: Others
    X: Others
    X: Others
    OO: None
    FP: FC/PC
    FA: FC/APC
    SP: SC/PC
    SA: SC/APC
    SP: ST/PC
    SA: ST/APC
    LP: LC/PC
    LA: LC/APC
    X: Others

    1X2 Magneto-Optical Switch Dual stage Single mode 1550nm
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