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We are located in Shenzhen, China. Our business includes designing and manufacturing fiber-optic products, providing consulting service to optical communications companies, and developing photonics design tools and services. We serve the photonics industry and community worldwide.

We have a diversified customer based, including research institutions, universities and colleges, telecommunication equipment designers, technology companies, optical network operators and telecommunication service providers.

Our customers are located in China,USA, Canada, UK, France, Japan, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, New Zealand, Australia,India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, South Korea, Egypt, Panama, Colombia, South Africa, Tanzania etc.

          Domestic market

domestic market

        Oversea market
        Exported to more than 50 countries
        Professional service team & immediate service response
        Efficient products training for distributors

oversea market

      If you can not find the component or instrument you need from our online catalog, please contact our  technical team: support@anfiber.com to inform us of the technical specifications of the product that you are seeking. We may be able to provide you with a satisfactory solution using our broad contacts in the industry or provide our independent suggestion to help you source the right product.

        Products Profile:

products profile

Contact:   Email:sales@anfiber.com       MSN:    anfiber007@hotmail.com      skype: anfiber007  



Email: sales@anfiber.com
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