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Large Beam Collimator 1064nm 500W Type B

Name: Large Beam Collimator 1064nm 500W Type B
Class: Industrial CW Laser
Type: Large Beam Collimator 1064nm
Large Beam Collimator 1064nm Specifications:
Parameters  Unit Values 
Operating Wavelength  nm 1064
Operating Wavelength Range nm ±20
Nominal Beam Diamter(@1/e2,M2<1.1) mm 3.2±0.5@ over 5~1000mm from Output Surface
Typ. Transmission - 98%
Min. Transmission      - 97%
Min. Return Loss dB 50
Max. Optical Power (CW) W 300, 500 or Specify
Nominal Beam Pointing Accuracy deg 0.5
Max Beam Divergence Angle (Full Angle) mrad 0.5
Min. Ellipticity - 0.92
Max. Tensile Load  N 5
Outer Package Material Stainless Steel / Aluminum
Operating Temperature  5 to +40
Storage Temperature  -40 to +85
Large Beam Collimator 1064nm Package Dimensions:

Large Beam Collimator 1064nm

*The actual dimensions may be different from above drawing due to different requirements,please see shipment data sheet. 

*Thermistor is embeded & the wire integrated in armoured cable. 

*Considering the manufacturing loss,the fiber length tolerance is -10 cm for ≤15 m fiber length and -20 cm for >15m fiber. 

*For RMA reworking, the manufacturing loss of the fiber length would be≤50cm.

Large Beam Collimator 1064nm Ordering Information:
ANFIBER-LBC-B Type-①①-②②---⑤⑤-⑥⑥-⑦⑦-⑧⑧⑧⑧
①①: Wavelength : Handling Power ⑥⑥:  Jacket  Length
 06 - 1064nm  300 - 300W 10 -  10m 9mm Armoured Cable
 SS - Specify  500 - 500W SS - Specify
 S - Specify
②②: Beam Diameter ⑦⑦: Bare Fiber Length With Loose Tube
 32 - 3.2mm ⑤⑤:Fiber Type 1.5 -  1.5m 
 SS - Specify  22 - Nufern LMA-GDF 20/400-M  NA0.065 SS - Specify
 SS - Specify
:Fiber Jacket ⑧⑧⑧⑧:Body Type
 G - 9mm Armoured Cable QCS1 - QCS1
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