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  Email: sales@anfiber.com
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  Shenzhen: Tel:+86-755-61373556 :+86-755-61373550



  Price, order and lead time enquiry: sales@anfiber.com

  Product information: info@anfiber.com

  Technical support: support@anfiber.com

  Comments and suggestions: feedback@anfiber.com

Phone Numbers:

  Tel: +86-755-61373556

  : +86-755-61373550

Company name:    Anfiber Technology Limited

Shenzhen Factory Address:

  5/F,Building 11,LiYuan,MaJiaLong Industrial Park,Yiyuan Road with Daxin Road Converged,Nanshan District,Shenzhen 518052,China

Email:  sales@anfiber.com

Website:  http://www.anfiber.com


Email: sales@anfiber.com
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